Paint Colors that Will Destroy Your Home Value!


    Marketing is all about emotion. You want to make your potential clients feel a certain way in order to get your product or service to sell. This is no different in selling your home. Your goal is to make those walking through your home feel like they already live there and are HAPPY. So you need to make sure there aren’t paint colors destroying those images in your potential buyers and that if you do land a buyer it wont drive your homes value down.

    While we are not going to go into the entire color spectrum, we will discuss four main colors that are bound to drive the value of your house down. According to  Zillow Digs, there are four paint colors that make real estate pros uneasy. More than 50,000 photos of recently sold homes where studied and it was found that houses with rooms painted certain colors fetched less than their estimated prices.

    Lets go ahead and get the worst out of the way now:


     The words UGLIEST paint color: Pantone 448C…its not pretty. Bedrooms that were painted this color decreased the homes value by $236 less than the expected value. Bathrooms that were painted this color dropped $469. Why anyone would go to the store to search for this color to put on an entire wall warrants another blog post all together.





    “Eggshell” – This color was the most surprising because any shade of white seems pretty safe. However, buyers seemed to disagree. Kitchens that were painted this shade sold for $82 less and bathrooms seemed to look flat according to most designers.



    Terra Cotta: More common in homes, but living rooms painted in this shade sold for $793 below the expected price. That is probably more surprising than the worlds ugliest color.


     Shades of Grey: While some grey colors boost home prices like ‘dove grey’ or ‘light grey’ by $1,104, shades like slate grey will plummet the home price down about $1,112.





    The more you know.

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