6 Awful Reasons for NOT hiring a Real Estate Agent

    Think you are doing yourself a solid by skipping the ‘ol real estate agent line?


    Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are TONS of people who make this mistake. You think, “Hey, I can use a home search tool, go find me a house, and bing-badda-bam!- I don’t have to pay a commission!”

    Well, we promise you there is more to it than that. We want to make sure you’re properly informed to make the best choice because if you don’t it could actually cost you MORE money going at it alone. Below are the six reasons people decide to not hire a real estate agent and you will soon learn just why these reasons are so awful.

    1. You want to save money.

    Is it possible to save money doing it yourself? Yes, BUT ( and thats a big but), you are going to have to navigate through tons of regulations, paper work, and you dont know the ins and outs of real estate. You could easily find yourself going through some dark, and costly, roads. If you are buying a home, the seller typically pays the agents commission anyway, so why wouldn’t you want the professional help in finding your dream home? It’s not just about how much money you end up spending or netting. A real estate agent will help draw up a purchase agreement that allows enough time for inspections, contingencies, and anything else that’s crucial to your particular needs.

    2. You’ve been to your share of flea markets and consider yourself a seasoned negotiator.

    In order to be a great negotiator in real estate, you must first understand EVERYTHING that goes into it so you actually know what to negotiate. Make sense? Any time you buy or sell a home, you are bound to encounter negotiations—and as today’s housing market heats up, those negotiations are more likely than ever to get a little heated. If you have found your dream home, then its a great chance someone else has also found that same dream home so expect lots of competition, cutthroat tactics, all-cash offers, and bidding wars. Don’t you want a savvy and professional negotiator on your side to seal the best deal for you?

    3. You saw a couple bad reviews on Yelp, so you’re opting out to avoid that same, unlikely, experience.

    Yes. There are bad real estate agents just like there are bad coffee shops, malls, doctors, and restaurants. Ever love a movie you’ve seen that got two thumbs down from Ebert and Roeper? Exactly. If you go on social media then you are definitely going to hear about it because more people spread bad news than good and we all know nothing spreads faster than the word-of-mouth. Don’t believe all the hype. A well marketed real estate team, like ours, has more good eggs than bad. Check out what they do to market your home, see how many listings they have on their site, check out their deals that aim to keep clients happy, and yes- read the good reviews too.

    4. You watched an episode of ‘Love it or List it’ and pretty much have this in the bag.

    You see what you need to do add value to your home if you want to love it, and you’ve seen the agent run around the city finding the perfect home for the couple so they can list it. Believe us when we say- it is NOT like that in real life. At best its a glorified summary that keeps out all the headache you would have if you did it on your own. Think about it. They show the tiny headaches for ratings on tv and those are seasoned professionals who know all about the real world experiences. Don’t do this yourself.

    5. Zillow gave you an estimate AND no one knows your home better than you so of course only you know how much it’s REALLY worth.

    We aren’t even going to touch on how the Zillow CEO sold his home for more than 20% LOWER than his own estimate. **cough cough**. Real estate agents are great at knowing how you should list a home, or if someone has listed incorrectly which would give you room to counter an asking price. This can only be learned through experience. You have none, and the first couple of weeks are CRITICAL  in real estate, so why risk all of that when you can get right the first go round?

    6. You have a friend who has worked on houses and another friend who is mortgage banker so you’re all set. I mean how hard can it really be??

    Great. You know a couple of people, but you are no where as connected as a real estate agent. They know mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, home stagers, interior designers,  termite inspector, roofers, contractors, home insurance agents, movers, home security agents, and the list goes on. On top of how many people they know, you would most likely get a discount for using their preferred vendors. A coupon AND  seasoned agent to get you into your dream home without a headache? I know right- amazing!

    So there you have it. Six awful reasons people go against getting a real estate agent, and those poor souls are probably popping some migrane meds as we speak while researching “real estate disclosures” on Google. Save yourself some time and pick an amazing agent here at Chantel Ray Real Estate. Let us have your headache and you can spend that time furniture window shopping- just as long as you dont buy it until AFTER your close date 😉

    Don’t worry. IF, and thats a big if, you dont like the service we provide, you can fire us at ANYTIME.

    No tricks, no catch, no questions asked. Call us today.


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